How to Plan For a Celebration of Life Service

Being overwhelmed is one of the natural responses to losing a loved one. Then again, it would help if you put your family together, determine which funeral service is best and plan towards it. And in the course of planning to say your final goodbyes to the dearly departed, you may have about a celebration of life service.

This article will explore everything you need to know about celebration life service and how to organize one.

What Is a Celebration of Life Service?

Celebration of life service is a gathering of family members, friends, and close associates of a deceased to trade happy memories of the dead. This service is meant to celebrate the life and times of the deceased – as opposed to grieving.

That’s not to say it isn’t a sad event. Funeral services are typically moody, but in celebration of life services, you get the itch of happiness because of the joy the deceased brought when they were alive.

Celebration of life services is held to honor the person who had lived an impactful life when they were alive. This service can take place days, weeks, or months after the death of a loved one. One of the significant differences between this funeral service and the conventional one is that the deceased’s body doesn’t need to be present.

Talking Points for a Celebration of Life Service

Celebration of life services is meant to be happy events honoring the life of a loved one. The general ambiance must be different. Some of the talking points include:

  • The deceased’s spiritual inclinations. If the dead was a devoutly religious person, some talking points could center around how their beliefs shaped their lives. What did they strictly believe in? What’s their favorite scripture? Talk about these things.
  • Their unique qualities. Did they dead possess any distinctive qualities that made them appeal to anyone they met? Trade stories with family members and friends.
  • Their passion. What are they passionate about? What fuels their actions? Talk about all the happy things they achieved while they were alive. Also, you can discuss what they’d be remembered for when they were alive.

How Do You Deliver a Celebration of Life Speech?

The following are guidelines you should follow to deliver a speech at a celebration of life events.

  • Be brief. Funeral events are timed. You must check with the authorities in charge to know the time apportioned to each service segment. Be time-conscious during your speech.
  • Maintain positivity. Celebration of life events is themed to address the dead’s accomplishments and impact when they were alive. It is essential to talk about them.
  • You can get personal. During your speech, you can get personal to talk about a unique, fond memory you shared with the deceased.

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