Composing A Funeral Thank You Card

Thank You Funeral Card

Composing a Funeral Thank You Card

Planning a funeral is often one of the most difficult undertakings of our lives. It feels overwhelming to complete the list of tasks that must be handled, all while grieving the loss of a loved one. Regardless of your situation, give yourself grace and realize that as one person you can only do so much.

After the service, we often have a list of people that we want to thank, either for their support during such a difficult time, or for their assistance in planning or participating in the funeral proceedings. With so many emotions to express, composing funeral thank you cards might seem like a daunting task for a heart that is still recovering.

To help any who are grieving, we have supplied this format that can be used when you are composing funeral thank you cards to help you to find the words to say:

  1. Opening Line – Open with a line thanking the person for their support. An example would be, “Thank you for celebrating ___’s life with me.”
  2. Middle Line – This line creates a place for you to share anything specific that you are thanking this person for, and can be more general – it is completely up to you. One example would be, “Thank you for sharing your memories about ___. You were such an important friend to them.”
  3. Closing – This is a place to end your card, and can be as simple as, “Your support during this time has been invaluable to me.”

Your token of appreciation will be received with a warm heart and will deepen your connection with your loved ones. Click here to view our thank you card options.

About DisciplePress

At DisciplePress, we are called to provide professional support for those who are enduring the loss of a loved one. We are committed to providing quality printed materials at a fair price. We provide beautiful designs that can be quickly and easily customized to your needs, including personalized funeral thank you cards.

Whether you are composing funeral thank you cards or have any other printing needs for a funeral service, DisciplePress is the locally owned, faith-based printer that you can trust in a difficult time. We are able to have orders in your hands within 24 hours, and we will always do our part to make this process as painless as possible.



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