How to Pen a Eulogy

Funeral events are often regarded as sad; you come to the realization that you’d be paying your final respects to a loved one. It stands to reason that you’d want to do it the best way possible, informing everyone to present your personal experience with them while they were alive.

One of the best ways to do that is through a eulogy. Here at DisciplePress, we wholeheartedly support putting your best foot forward.

In this article, you will learn what a eulogy is and how to make one.

What’s a Eulogy?

Eulogies are regarded as oral memorials in respect of the dearly departed. Eulogies are typically read out during a funeral service of a loved one. In all cases with memorial events, the eulogies are read by close family members, friends, and business associates.

Because eulogies form a major part of the memorial service, they’re included in the funeral program. If you were ever asked to pen down a eulogy, it means you are essential to the deceased.

How Do You Write a Eulogy?

There’s not a rule anywhere that you must follow to write to an eulogy. However, it is vital to keep it relevant and meaningful. You don’t have to fill it with dates but moments that make all the difference.

So how do you start?

  • Introduction. Start by introducing yourself and your connection to the deceased. Not everyone in attendance may know you.
  • Offer thanks. Thank fellow guests for gracing the event and paying their last respect to the deceased.
  • Talk about the deceased. Write about the unique qualities of the departed, and they impact your life. You can also share personal stories and rare moments with the dead. However, if it’s too personal, you can leave it out. You can talk about their personal ambitions and how they went about achieving them. You can also share what you learn from the departed and how much you’d miss them.

Their favorite scripture, poem, a quote can also be incorporated into your eulogy.

After writing the eulogy, you need to compile it with other content that will be added to the funeral program and make arrangements for it to be printed. And that’s what we do at DisciplePress. We are a premier printing company that is concerned with making your funeral event as colorful as possible by printing high–quality memorial cards, posters, memorial bookmarks, guestbooks, and souvenirs with an exceptional turnaround time.

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