How To Select The Right Memorial Products

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How To Select The Right Memorial Products

We here at DisciplePress understand that selecting memorial products for your dearly departed’s funeral can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’re experts in our field and we’re standing by, ready to lend a helping hand during this difficult time.

Here are some tips, from our family to yours, to help you select the right memorial products for your loved one’s send-off.

Set your budget

Deciding on (and sticking to) a budget for memorial products will allow your supplier to show you the options available in your price range. This prevents the disappointment of falling in love with an option that turns out to be too expensive, since some memorial jewelry can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars.

Consider how many people you want to give memorial products to, and whether they’ll all receive the same item. You may choose to have the majority of funeral guests receive a printed memorial service brochure, while getting something special—like labelled candles or memorial pendants—for immediate family.

Consider your time frame

How soon you need your memorial products will impact what options are available.

Here at DisciplePress, we can provide a turnaround time of as little as one day for some products including memorial service brochures and prayer cards. Some suppliers may need more time, especially for items like memorial artwork or jewelry.

Add some personal touches

The memorial products you choose can be as unique and creative as you are. There are endless options to ensure your memorial products are a fitting celebration of your loved one.

Consider incorporating favorite photos, meaningful passages or poems into service brochures and prayer cards; you can even have these printed in your loved one’s favorite colors.

One way to create a touching keepsake is to make a memorial scrapbook. You can add pictures, poems, and letters, and you can leave a few pages blank for the sympathy cards you’ll receive after the funeral.

Ask for help

It’s understandable—selecting memorial products can be difficult. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help. We have many years of experience creating unique memorial products for grieving families, and we’re confident we can help you create the perfect memorial token.

In the most difficult of times, go with someone you trust. Here at DisciplePress, we’re ready to guide you through your memorial options, and help you celebrate a life well lived.



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