How to Support Grieving Families

How to Support Grieving Funeral Programs

Families deal with the death of a loved one differently. It is often a period of uncertainty, of several unknowns and what-ifs. On top of that, the emotional weight that comes with planning for a funeral or memorial service may appear daunting. That’s why now, more than ever, is a time for these families to find support in their close friends and relatives.

If you’re a close friend or relative to a recently deceased, here’s how you can offer support to their immediate family.

Accompany Them to the Funeral Home

You can volunteer to accompany the family to the chosen funeral home and help them make further arrangements for a funeral. This involves ensuring the funeral program and other items are in place before the funeral.

It is essential to know your boundaries and not impose on the immediate family of the deceased. Listen to what the family is saying and make your suggestions accordingly.

Help Them Send Invitations to the Funeral Service

You can also volunteer to write and notify other invitees about the funeral arrangements. You can either place phone calls to them, send letters or emails to the invitees. You can also opt to stay at the family home to answer phones if the family is not in a great mood to do so themselves.

Volunteer to Host the Funeral Reception

You can help the immediate shave off enormous time by volunteering to host the reception at your home or a community center to the deceased’s residence. You can also help organize the catering arrangements, so the family can focus on other aspects of the funeral.

Offer Childcare services

If there are kids that need tending to, offer complimentary childcare services. This will allow their parents and relatives to run errands and plan towards the funeral seamlessly. You can keep the children in their homes as they are familiar with the environment.

Suggest a Printing Press for the Family

While the family may be engrossed in other activities, you can suggest a printing press that will handle their printing concerns without delays. DisciplePress is a leading printing company that boasts of a wide range of services, including printing memorial programs, prayer cards, keepsakes, mementos, posters, slideshows, and many more.

Our turnaround is superb, and we guarantee you’d get your printed projects just when you want them.

Volunteer to Send Thank You Cards

At the end of the funeral service, you should volunteer to send thank you cards to the burial attendees. You can quickly locate their names and contact information by going through the guest book.

Offer Pet Care Services

If you’re a lover of pets, you can also volunteer to watch and feed their pets if they’ve got any. They’d appreciate that gesture from you, as it gives them the freedom to make arrangements without worrying about the welfare of their pets.

Offer to Stay at the Residence during the Funeral

Burglars are on the lookout for unattended homes. If everyone is at the funeral service, there’s a high chance of success if thieves raid such dwellings.

Whether you’re looking for a funeral program, memorial card, prayer card, memorial posters, or anything in between, DisciplePress has you covered.



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