Organizations and Agencies to Notify After A Death

Dealing with the loss of a loved one comes with a lot of unwanted responsibilities. While struggling with the painful exit, you still have to ensure that the proper arrangements are made for the funeral event and prepare for a funeral program

You also have to notify some organizations about the passing and update information. About that last part, we’ve specially compiled all the agencies you need to inform about the death of your loved one. 

Check them out: 

Financial Institutions

Banks, according to their different policies, handle the closing of accounts differently. Some may ask the next of kin to bring a copy of the death certificate as proof of demise. 

However, one should not be in a hurry to close an account of a deceased. The account may be needed to pay off outstanding bills and expenses. If the financial accounts are joint, a death certificate may be required to remove their name from the account. 

Credit Reporting Agencies

You can notify a credit reporting agency through social security or via the family attorney about the demise. Reporting to the credit bureaus ensures that a lock is placed on their credit information. 

By so doing, it prevents external efforts of obtaining a loan approved using their name. It’s also significant in preventing fraudulent activities. 


If the deceased was gainfully employed, inform their employer to clear their desk. You also get to find out if there are death benefits, life insurance, or other funds they’re entitled to. Ensure you submit a copy of the death certificate to HR and learn all the information about how to claim those funds. 


Lending companies should be notified about the demise to prevent them from adding late payments fees from an approved loan. Secure or unsecured loans must be paid by the estate of the decedent. However, if there are no sufficient funds to cover the loan repayment, you should involve your family attorney. 


Insurance companies of the departed should also be notified. You should submit a copy of the death certificate and a probate form if requested from the insurance firm.


If there are taxes accrued before the demise, your family should take care of that. Take a moment to gather all the paperwork and ensure all returns are properly filed. You can talk to your accountant or lawyer for advice on how to go about it. 

Utilities and Subscriptions

It is essential to cancel all subscriptions about the decedent if you don’t need them. If you live in the same home as the deceased, you can call the utility companies and transfer the accounts to your name. 

State Motor Vehicle Commission

The resident motor vehicle commission of the decedent should be notified. You can send a copy of the death certificate along with the driver’s license to the agency’s office. 

Board of Elections

The Board of Elections should be notified about the demise to remove the name from the list of eligible voters. 

Social Media 

Finally, you should update their social media account to memorialize. In most cases, you may be upload a copy of the death certificate and their date of birth information. 

Planning a funeral service is an exhausting exercise. However, with these helpful pointers, you can plan towards a funeral service with ease.


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