Preplanning for a Funeral

Pre-planning funeral program

Preplanning for a Funeral

When you or your loved one deals with a health condition that is inevitably evolving or has reached an age when it’s realistic to assume the end of life is near, pre-planning a funeral could be one of the best decisions you will make.

One can never be fully ready for coping with the death of a loved one or with contemplating your own passing. But planning ahead can make a huge difference in how someone’s life will be celebrated by the ones who loved and cherished them.

Why You Should Pre-Plan a Funeral

Let’s see why more and more people choose to pre-plan their funeral and how it can bring a better outcome for those going through the mourning process, as well as for the person living their last moments knowing that things are arranged.

  • Pre-planning funerals is less of a financial burden

At-need funeral arrangements can be costly, partly because the timeframe to organize everything is so short and companies that offer memorial services might charge extra fees for an urgent event.

A very important task in pre-planning a funeral is to organize the finances so that the funeral won’t shake the family’s financial situation when the unfortunate event happens. You can even pre-plan your funeral programs, prayer cards, memorial poster, memorial bookmarks and much more directly on our website.

  • A pre-planned funeral will be held according to your wishes

For people who know that the end of their life is approaching, making peace with this inevitable outcome can make the last months and days of their life more meaningful.

By involving them in the planning process, like having them choose the photographs on the funeral mass cards or the poem, quote, or text accompanying them, passing away seems less scary. Being in control of this event, from details like the funeral program obituary to how the family will say their goodbyes, makes people feel safer and appreciated.

  • Planning ahead makes the healing process easier for the family

Mourning a loved one is a difficult process for anybody, and it takes time to deal with it. When someone decides to pre-plan a funeral, they are making the healing process easier and assuring everyone affected by it that it’s being taken care of in a respectful and cherishing manner.

Why Us?

If you have decided to prepare a funeral or at least some of its details, choose a company that treats this event with the respect it deserves and understands the processes it involves.

We at DisciplePress know how important it is to get everything right when planning a funeral. Our staff is not only ready to offer empathetic insight on how to plan the details of a funeral, but they are also focused on delivering everything from funeral mass cards to funeral program obituaries at a fast turnaround while keeping the costs affordable to anyone.

Choose to work with us and let us help you go through this difficult process.



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