Tote Bags

Custom Printed Church Tote Bags

Looking for a reputable printing service provider to help you design custom printed tote bags? Turn your bible message into a beautifully designed church tote bag with DisciplePress. When it comes to printing church products, DisciplePress is a household name. Our designing specialists are motivated by faith rather than money to make your tote bag designs a reality.

As an experienced team, we produce high-quality church and funeral tote bags at pocket-friendly prices. Moreover, we utilize a comprehensive range of tools and equipment integrated with the latest technology to ensure we provide beautiful and lasting church bags. We also offer a wide range of materials and products to choose from to create your desired tote bag.

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    Tote Bags

    Looking for a custom tote bag design? Upload your own print-ready artwork, or we’ll design for you! We offer 3 colors of tote bags: natural, red and blue with a print area of 9″x13″. All tote bags are printed on a 6oz cotton canvas material and are printed double sided.


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