Selecting Flowers for a Funeral and Memorial Service

Funeral Program Flowers

Coming to terms with the fact that a loved one is no more is a harrowing experience. However, you still have to plan and make arrangements for a funeral and memorial service. With everything happening all at once, you may most likely forget to choose flowers for the service.

Flowers are a medium to express emotions too complex in speaking aloud, and it’s so commonplace to see them in funeral services. Below are some flowers you should select for an upcoming funeral event.


These flowers are unique for their long-lasting fragrance. Legends say the flower first appeared due to the tears of the Virgin Mary. Around the religious circle, these flowers represent undying love.

These flowers come in different colors. The red carnation signifies admiration, while the white carnation means innocence and love. Also, the pink carnation stands for remembrance, which makes them suitable for funeral events.


Just as Carnations, Tulips come in different colors with their unique interpretations. For instance, the white tulip stands for forgiveness, while the red tulips signify perfect love. The yellow tulips represent giddiness even in bleak times.


These flowers are also suitable for funeral events as they symbolize purity and innocence returned to the deceased’s soul. The white lily stands for majesty and purity, while the white stargazer stands for sadness and sympathy.


These flowers are usually used in funeral services to decorate the casket. White Chrysanthemums stands for truth.


Rose has made notable appearances on several funeral and memorial services. A white rose, for instance, symbolizes youthfulness, reverence, innocence, and humility. Red roses, on the other hand, stand for love, courage, respect, and gentility.


These flowers, albeit unpopular in funeral events, stand for moral integrity and sincerity. If these are qualities the deceased possessed when they were alive, you should honor them by having these flowers for the funeral event.


These flowers do not get any attention and are hardly considered funeral-worthy flowers. However, marjoram stands for consolation and comfort, making them perfect for a funeral or memorial service.

Because flowers come in several colors and meanings. And we’d look at the mean.

  • Pink stands for youth, grace, joy, and innocence.
  • Orange symbolizes energy, pride, warmth, passion, satisfaction, and confidence.
  • Lavender stands for elegance, grace, refinement, and feminine beauty.
  • Blue signifies calm, peace, and serenity
  • White represents humility, elegance, modesty, and innocence.
  • Red stands for love, desire, and strength.

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