Tips for Planning a Funeral Service

Funeral Program Planning Tips

Tips for Planning a Funeral Service

Planning a funeral service is a deeply personal process filled with a lot of sadness and frustration. Even if you have the support of friends and family to handle the logistics, the death of a loved one is an emotional time, which can affect the way we think and even behave.

We’ll discuss some tips for planning a funeral that could make things easier, and ensure the funeral truly honors the memory and spirit of your loved one.

  1. Consider the Departed’s Wishes

Some people will leave out a few desires when it comes to their own funeral, especially if they anticipated their death. Consider what your loved one wanted. Some may have preferences in terms of the wake, cremation versus burial, or even the type of flower or funeral prayer cards they’d like there in their final moments.

  1. Planning for the Disposition

If the departed had a clear preference towards one form of disposition, learn what the process involves and start forming a plan. For a traditional burial, for instance, you’ll need:

  • A casket
  • A cemetery plot, or a space in the mausoleum
  • A headstone
  • Talking to a pastor for the ceremony
  1. Planning the Service

Many people turn to a funeral home to plan the service, as it’s a lot easier and faster. This is a good option, as many of the things you’ll need for the funeral, such as the flowers or even the space for friends and family to come say goodbye can be offered by the funeral services.

However, be careful regarding what services you choose. Funeral homes may provide packages to choose from, but take the time to see what goes into it, as you likely won’t need everything.

Also check the pricing of their printed products. Most times DisciplePress is far less expensive and offer higher quality prints than a funeral home. Click here to view all our funeral printing products and compare pricing.

  1. Run Through the Event Before

Consider going through everything in your plan a few days before the funeral, just to make sure everything is in order and your wishes are being met.

Why Choose DisciplePress

DisciplePress can assist you with your funeral program printing so that everyone present can easily follow along the course of the funeral. We provide fast, reliable services, and can deliver the funeral prayer cards in as little as a day, at a very convenient price.

During these difficult times, you need to surround yourself with reliable service providers you can trust, and that’s us. Allow us to help you during these difficult times, and get in touch with DisciplePress now to find out more.



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