Church Plant Package

Church Plant Package

Starting a new church means building relationships with a community, establishing first contacts with the congregation, and starting a new church family from scratch, where people might already belong to another church or not be convinced about visiting one frequently.

The first impression counts in life, and a church planter’s work is intensive and difficult, given the limited amount of time they have to gather people for their church, in order to have a fresh, good start. A well-made church plant package will allow the church planter to do their work more easily and focus on personal communication with interested people.

What Does Our Church Plant Package Contain?

In order to spread the word of the Lord with a higher rate of success and reach out to the people who need it, churches have to make use of modern technologies and ways of communicating. If these channels of communication give us more time to talk face-to-face with other church members and find the interested ones more easily, it’s very important to use these tools in our work.

The church plant packages we create here at DisciplePress are the full set of tools one needs to invite people to the new church, gather information about those who are interested, and make the new establishment visible and inviting.

  • Custom Designed Website
  • Custom Designed Logo
  • 1000 Connect Cards
  • 1000 Business Cards
  • 1000 Invite Cards
  • 1000 Post Cards
  • 1000 Door Hangers
  • 1000 Giving Envelopes
  • 500 Bulletin Shells
  • 2 Outdoor Banners
  • 2 Flag Banners

Our church printing services are high quality, offering the best resolution and design you can get, and our policy is to give you unlimited free revisions, which means that the dedicated designer will work until you are fully satisfied with the result.

Contact us and let’s create the perfect plan package for your new congregation!

Church Plant Package
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