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Disciple Press is the go-to destination for churches to get all of the printed materials that their place of worship needs. Our church printing services include brochures, bulletins, business cards, connection cards, flags, banners, and so much more. We also offer a variety of printed materials for funeral and memorial services so you can help grieving families celebrate and honor the loved one they have lost.  

As a full-service Christian printing platform, we have the experience, expertise, tools, and team of professional graphic designers and editors to produce all sorts of high-quality printed materials with a high turnaround time with our church printing services. No matter the size of your congregation, we want to help you spread the word, promote your church, and connect with your community however we can. Put your faith in Disciple Press for all your church printing needs! 

General church printing services 

We know that churches rely on a variety of materials every day to advertise themselves, connect with the local community, and keep members updated on all future church-sponsored events and activities. This is why our church printing services include a vast array of materials, ranging from small items like business cards and bookmarks to larger materials like outdoor banners and table covers.  

Church printing services for funerals 

When a member of your congregation wishes to hold a funeral for a loved one, you want to do everything you can to put on a touching, meaningful, and informative ceremony. With custom printed funeral programs, prayer cards, posters, guest books, and more, we can help you do so.  

Why choose Disciple Press for church printing services? 

Whether you need something simple like bulletins to keep your congregation updated about upcoming services, events, and other news or something more large-scale like custom banners, signs, flags, and tents for an event, you can trust our church printing services to get the job done. Most orders print and ship on the same day, and with express shipping, you can get what you need in just 24 hours.   



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