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Church Website Design

56% of churches reported that social media and a church website was the most effective out reach tool they have available. As more and more people get online, it’s important that today’s churches have a presence on the web. With DisciplePress you will receive a custom designed website with all the features you will need to make an impact in your community and around the world. With our web design package you will receive a custom designed home page with up to 5 sub-pages. You will also have an “events calendar” which is easily updated from your control panel. You can upload your sermon videos and even livestream your services! Since this is a custom website, you do not have to pay a monthly fee to some “template service”. You own the website at no additional cost till Jesus returns! If you have any questions about this service, we’re here to help. To get started click the order now button below.

Custom Web Design Package

Whats included:

-Custom Layout design with WordPress
-5 sub-pages
-Events Calendar
-Video and Livestream Support
-Unlimited revisions
-Dedicated Designer
-Satisfaction Guaranteed


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