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In addition to providing high quality funeral prints direct to consumer faster than any other company, we also partner with funeral homes to do the same. We understand its a difficult time for families & not every one has the time to build memorial products online. For funeral homes that want to offer a one stop shopping experience we offer very attractive wholesale rates. The core of our business is the ability to print & ship within hours. Our online design portal allows funeral homes to design funeral products, download a PDF proof quicker and more cost effectively than any local printshop. All orders that are received by 12pm CST are printed and shipped same day.


As time goes on, more millennials and generation-z’ers are the ones in charge of putting together the funeral and memorial services for their loved ones. These generations are much different than those of the past. Some have labeled these generations the “instagram generations”. Nowadays everything must be as visually pleasing as possible. What once was a more simplistic process has turned into elaborate celebrations with multiple tokens of remembrances. From muti-page funeral programs, complete with a 200+ photo collage, to welcome posters, prayer cards, memorial bookmarks and more, it’s clear that these services are an important addition to all Funeral Home’s list of services. We here at DisciplePress understand that producing a high quality product with the lowest price point is just as important as delivering on-schedule. With our equipment, staff and amazing pricing, you will wonder why you hadn’t partnered with us before.



We know how important making a profit is to a business. We’re here to help you increase your

income by adding a new revenue stream. Your clients will never know they are dealing with

DisciplePress. If the need arises for us to speak to the client, we will introduce ourselves as your

graphic designers. We even have a completely separate un-branded website used for proofing


Funeral Program Your Brand


Funeral Program How It Works


Your client will be sent a white-label link that will display their projects. They will simply click the project and it will load in a viewer window. Once it loads they can scroll through the pages (if a multiple page project). If the client requires corrections, they will simply click on the screen where the edit is required and type in their changes. The changes will automatically be sent to our team. We will then make the requested adjustments and an email notification will be sent once they have been made and uploaded again for review. Most revision requests are made within minutes of the client requesting the adjustments.

Funeral Program Client View
Funeral Program Client View


The funeral home view is similar to the client review in its functions. The difference is you will have access to all the projects that belong to your funeral home. You will also be able to click the projects and submit revision requests on behalf of the customer. Each revision request will notate the user that requested it. Once we receive the requested revisions, we will complete them (usually within minutes) and upload the updated files for review and/or approval. All users assigned to the project will receive email notification that new files have been uploaded. Once the file(s) are approved we will send to product and ship the product out. If the order is approved before 12:00pm CST, it will print and ship same day.

Funeral Program Funeral Home View
Funeral Program Client View
Funeral Program Client View


We use a sliding scale for our funeral home clients. The more you order, the higher your discount. Your order history will be stored in your account. Once you have reached the next tier in your overall order history, you will receive a automatically move up to the next tier.

Funeral Print Reseller Program

What's Next?

You will receive a welcome email that contains your login information and instructions on how to place your first order. If you have not yet signed up for this program, please click here and complete the signup form. Should you have any questions, please reach out to sales@disciplepress or call us toll free 888-432-8363. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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