Funeral Professionals


We know that organizing a funeral is something stressful, time-sensitive and often families deal with a lot in addition to organizing the reception. Naturally, many people rely on funeral homes to handle the logistics of a funeral, as they have the experience, staff, and connections to provide everything when needed.

We work with both funeral homes and families of those who passed, providing high-quality funeral pamphlets, funeral home cards, and memorial cards. With the help of our services, the families can share their most loving thoughts about the one they lost, and give guests a respectful, heart-warming memory.

In our designs, you can include photographs, special messages, quotes, graphic elements, and anything that you feel would reflect the personality of the one who passed away. We always give a helping hand if the family wishes to deliver a message, but doesn’t know how, as we have plenty of experience putting important thoughts into words and a beautiful format.

Funeral Printing Services

One of our principles as a Christian graphic design company is to maintain a high level of quality for everything that leaves our door and deliver it as fast as possible to those who need it. We have a lightning-fast turnaround, delivering our prints on the same day, and we allow a high level of customization for our prints.

We at DisciplePress want to contribute to the good organization of funeral receptions by designing, printing, and delivering funeral products with great attention to detail, a helpful hand when it comes to design and content, friendly and empathetic staff, and great quality materials.

If you are a private individual looking for funeral products, or a funeral home looking for a serious company to partner up with, don’t hesitate to contact us or check our work on the website.


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Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00pm CST

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Live chat support is normally open late. If you need assistance send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Same Day Turnaround

We offer same day turnaround on all our memorial products. If you have a specific day/time you need your order, please let us know.



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CUSTOMIZE FOR ME : How it works

Immediately after checkout you will see a button that says “click here to submit content”. That will take you to a form where you can submit your text, photos and instructions. You can also email this information to us if that is easier. Once we receive the order and your content we will setup the item(s) and email you a proof. Once you see the proof you can request as many changes as you need until you are completely satisfied. Once you approve the design it will be sent to print.

All orders placed (and content received) by 12pm CST Monday-Friday will receive their proof same day. If the proof is approved by 2pm CST it will ship same day.

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