Our Services

Our Services

We offer many design and print related products. When it comes to design and printing, you name it we do it.

Funeral Program Product Design

Memorial Products

We're here for you during your time of need. Whether you need memorial/funeral programs, memorial/prayer cards, memorial bookmarks, welcome posters, guest books or memorial keepsakes, we have you covered.

Church Promotional Products

Whether you need brochures or tithing envelopes or anything inbetween we have you covered. If you can't find anything that will suit your needs in our pre-made designs, we will custom design whatever you need.

Outdoor Church Product Design

Outdoor Products

Getting you noticed is an important thing. With our outdoor products you are sure to catch the eyes of passerbys. Checkout our large selection of designs and products.

Website Design

In todays world it is more important than ever to have a solid web presence. We have the know-how to make you stand out and have a useful and effecient web presence.

Church Website Design
Church Bible Tract Design

Custom Bible Tract Design

Followup is crucial when it comes to evangelism. With custom printed bible tracts that contain your churches contact information you can increase your chances of a solid followup campaign.

Custom Logo Design

Your logo is where everything begins. Make sure your branding is creative and appealing to reach all generations. With DisciplePress, you are sure to receive creativity at its best.

Church Logo Design
Church Outreach Design

Consistent Branding

Many churches lack the know-how to make their brand message consistent. DisciplePress can help with that. Contact us today to see how we can help your overall branding strategy.

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CUSTOMIZE FOR ME : How it works

Immediately after checkout you will see a button that says “click here to submit content”. That will take you to a form where you can submit your text, photos and instructions. You can also email this information to us if that is easier. Once we receive the order and your content we will setup the item(s) and email you a proof. Once you see the proof you can request as many changes as you need until you are completely satisfied. Once you approve the design it will be sent to print.

All orders placed (and content received) by 12pm CST Monday-Friday will receive their proof same day. If the proof is approved by 2pm CST it will ship same day.

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