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  • Wall Art

    Bible Page Wall Art

    Bible page wall art is a great way to showcase your message while pointing to the bible. You tell us the page of the bible you want in the background along with the message you want designed on top and our designers will take care of the rest. We can even highlight a scripture in the background. The art is printed on an off-white stock to give it an aged appearance. Your purchase does not include a frame.

  • Wall Art

    Canvas Prints

    No templates here! Why would one want to use a “template service” and be required to tailor your message around a pre-made design? With DisciplePress, we design around your message! Custom canvas prints are a great way to decorate your church. Our gallery style canvas prints come in 3 sizes: 24″x24″, 24″x36″ and 36″x36″. You can provide photos or we can custom design graphics.


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