Cross Cremation Keepsake


Made of high quality 316L Stainless Steel.  This tasteful remembrance jewelry opens and allows you to place a small amount of cremated remains inside.  These are used as a remarkable way to memorialize a lost loved one and allow you to keep a part of your loved one with you at all times.

This elegant keepsake is versatile with endless other uses as well. Wear to remember a special occasion. Store grains of sand from a honeymoon vacation. The beautiful pendant demonstrates your heartfelt connection to your loved one or cherished memory.

The top screws on and off with a very tight, secure seal.

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The jewelry can hold a small amount of cremated ashes from a loved one. Or hold other memorable object that you want to keep them with you always. Such as, hair from your loved pets; Beach sand from honeymoon; flower or Confetti from Wedding; A Wish note or word written on a piece of paper; Earth from a burial site.

Material: 316L Stainless Steel
Color: silver & black
Chain Length: 50cm
Pendant Size approximately: 2.2cm x 1.8cm

Why choose Stainless Steel Jewelry?
Stainless Steel jewelry does not tarnish and oxidize, which can last longer than other jewelries. It is able to endure a lot of wear and tear. And it is amazingly hypoallergenic. Such advantages make it a more popular accessory.
High quality stainless steel has high resistance to rust, corrosion and tarnishing, which requires minimal maintenance. Stainless steel is one of the most bio-compatible metals, so stainless steel jewelry is amazingly hypoallergenic because of its anti-allergic properties. As one of the strongest of all jewelry metals All makes it a top fashion accessory to complement your wardrobe with the sleek, contemporary styling offered by our stainless steel jewelry.


Funeral Program Cut-off and Turnaround Time

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in

Gold, Rose Gold, Silver


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