What To Include in a Homegoing Service Program

Home going Service Program

Losing someone special can be a challenging experience. Coming to terms that the person you once share special moments with has been part of your life is no more come with loads of sadness.

However, paying your respects and saying your final goodbyes should be done the best way possible. If the deceased is a Christian, you should look at planning for a homegoing service. And one of the essential parts of planning for such services is drafting a homegoing service program.

In this article, we will explore what it means and what you should include in it:

What’s A Homegoing Service?

Homegoing service or homegoing celebration is a Christian memorial service held by family members to honor the passing away of a deceased. The term ‘Homegoing’ is primarily used by members of the Christian religious community to celebrate the dead being ‘called to the Lord’.

Homegoing services are solemn in nature. However, the underlying concept is that it’s a celebration that the departed has been called to paradise (heaven). Thus, while the ambiance of the homegoing service may be moody, the final resolution is internal peace that the departed is in a happy place.

Homegoing services are typically held in places of religious worship (or churches). However, it bears exact semblance with traditional church funeral services – with the introduction of pallbearers and flower bearers.

A lot of singing and music interludes occur during a homegoing service. The deceased’s favorite songs and hymns are sung during such services. Also, you get to see selected eulogies or tributes from close friends, family members, or business associates.

In some cases, photo slides may be displayed during such service, heralding the life and times of the dearly departed.

What’s A Homegoing Service Program?

Homegoing service programs are an essential ingredient to a successful homegoing service. These are booklets handed out to invited guests and contain details of the deceased. Without the homegoing service program, the memorial service will be disjointed. Why? It’s also a reference document that denotes the order of the funeral service.

After the funeral service, homegoing programs can serve as a keepsake or memento for friends and loved ones.

Some of the critical elements of a homegoing service program include:

  • Cover page
  • Scriptures, hymns, songs.
  • Order of service
  • Obituary or Thank You Note.

What Content Should A Homegoing Service Program Have?

Homegoing programs should be natural, unique, and reveal the personality of the deceased. However, it should include the following in no order:

  • Cover page of the deceased showing their full name, date of birth and death, venue of the service, and start time.
  • Their favorite poem, hymns, scriptures
  • Name of officiating ministers
  • Names of pallbearers
  • Names of speakers
  • Venue of the burial site
  • Pictures of the departed showing various stages of their life.
  • Order of service.

How to Get the Homegoing Service Program Printed?

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