All You Need to Know About Funeral Readings

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One of the crucial aspects of funeral services is the readings. A lot of persons do not pay attention to it the way they’re meant to. These readings determine the fluidity between the order of service and the various actions carried out. 

Paying your last respects to a loved one should be done right. Funeral readings are one of the ways to do so effectively. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about funeral readings. 

What are Funeral Readings?

These readings are read aloud during funerals, memorial services, wakes, or celebration of life events. These readings aim to comfort the hurting family and bring hope to the mourners in attendance.

Funeral readings are an effective way of conveying your thoughts about the deceased cohesively. They are typically included in the funeral programs, prayer cards, and even thank you cards. 

One of the fascinating things about funeral aspects is that they can be chosen from different sources. Some of them include: 


Poems are a fascinating option for funeral readings. While they may be seen as mere lines, they contain deep meanings about finding comfort even in times of grief. There are memorable poems for mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother, sibling, and even children you can include in a funeral program. 

Prayers and Scriptures

Prayers and scriptures are also included as funeral readings. They are typically read during religious funerals and memorial events. It is essential to ask the clergy or minister in charge of the service to select suitable prayers and scriptures to be included in the funeral program. 


You can also include quotes and sayings of famous persons or the deceased in the funeral program. These quotes can convey a suitable emotion for the funeral service. 

Original Poetry and Stories

Funeral readings present an excellent opportunity to get creative and try something you’ve never tried before: writing a poem. It doesn’t have to rhyme. All you need to do is pour out your heart on the piece, expressing the impact of the loss and hope for a better day. 

You can also write a story about a memory you shared with the deceased. It could be a hilarious or uplifting moment and shouldn’t be embarrassing. You can share the story with the rest of the family members just before the service. 

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