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Losing someone very dear to you does have an emotional and mental hold on you. However, in those dark times, you have to summon the courage and move on with the fact that the deceased lived an impactful life.

Losing someone comes with a lot of arrangements to pay respects and say your final goodbyes. If you’re in the process of making arrangements for a funeral service, then you should consider a funeral wake. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about funeral wake services.

What is A Funeral Wake?

A funeral wake is a reception where close family members, friends, and associates of a deceased pay final respects before the body is laid to rest. Funeral wakes – sometimes called viewing – always take place before the funeral.

Difference Between A Funeral And A Wake

Funeral services follow a laid-out order of service in the funeral program. These services are spearheaded by the religious priest following some rites. A funeral wake functions differently.

In this case, the deceased’s coffin is surrounded by close friends and relatives who mourn and talk about how the decedent had impacted their lives. Thus, funeral wakes are a more intimate affair than the traditional funeral service.

A wake can be carried before or after the funeral service in a religious setting.

Are Funeral Wakes Necessary?

Since wakes usually take after the funeral service, questions have been raised in the event is necessary. The reality is that wakes aren’t a necessity. However, if the deceased had explicitly asked for it before their death, then their wishes should be respected.

The family of the bereaved also has a say. They come to an agreement to organize one after the service.

How Long Does A Wake Last?

In some parts of the world, funeral wakes can take up the entire night before the deceased is finally buried or cremated. However, most wakes last for a couple of hours.

How to Plan for a Funeral Wake

If you’re in charge of organizing a wake, the following are essential to making it successful:

  • Your guests. You need to decide with the family if you want the wake to be open to the general public or a select few persons.
  • Location. A funeral wake can be held anywhere – from church halls, hotels, homes, pubs, or community centers.
  • Food and drinks. You should make arrangements for refreshments for your guests. Depending on your budget, you can hire a caterer to prepare them or organize them yourself.
  • Keepsakes. Just before your guests leave, you should give them souvenirs as a reminder of the deceased.

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