What Actions To Take When Someone Dies

Actions to take when someone dies Funeral Program

No one truly prepares themselves to deal with the eventual demise of a loved one. And when it suddenly happens, emotions run wild, and the moment is often overwhelming. However, at the moment of the person’s death, there are specific actions expected of you or any family member.

Because most deaths are sudden, they can happen anywhere and anytime. We look at some of the actions to take when if it happens in any of these locations.

Home/Care Home

If the death was unexpected, you should call an ambulance and clearly state your location for a prompt response. In some cases, the operator may advise you to see if you can resuscitate the person. Most times, you’d have to wait for the paramedics to arrive and confirm the death status by themselves. It is essential to leave the area untampered for forensics to examine and develop a comprehensive autopsy.

The police might arrange for the body to be moved by a funeral director to a funeral home.

Suppose the death was expected due to prolonged terminal illness. In that case, you can call the family doctor who will examine and issue documents you can tender to the necessary authorities to register the death.

The doctor may also contact a coroner to conduct a post mortem examination to determine the cause of death if the death is unnatural.


If the deceased died in a foreign country, you’d need to make arrangements to obtain a death certificate from that country. You can also make plans to return the decedent back into the country by contacting a professional funeral director who will advise you on the steps to take.

You may need to obtain documents from:

  • The Embassy located in the country of death
  • Professional hospital in the country of death to get the death certificate

Ensure that the cost of repatriation of the body has been finalized and if it’s part of the insurance policy before moving along with funeral arrangements.

Public Space

If your loved one suddenly dies at a public place (that is, a hotel, club, street, bus, etc.), you need to contact the emergency services. The police may arrange for a funeral director to move the body to a funeral home after a post mortem examination has been done.

However, if the death was unnatural, the police may arrange to move the body to a mortuary instead.


If the deceased died at a hospital, the management will contact you if you’re the next of kin. Now, if the dead had initially registered for an organ donation, the transplant director will discuss with you before commencing the removal.

The hospital will also issue a death certificate and any other relevant document. You may be asked to inform a funeral director who will arrange for the body to be transferred to a funeral home.

In conclusion, you should inform the extended family and kickoff funeral arrangements once death has been confirmed. And if you need to design and print a funeral program, DisciplePress is the one to call.

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