Funeral Service Etiquettes You Should Follow

Attending a funeral service can be quite an uncomfortable experience. For one, there’s an unspoken sadness in the air. And for anyone who has ever participated in a funeral service, one might be tensed about not saying the right thing or acting the right way.

That’s why we’ve specially curated this article for you. What are those etiquettes you should practice when attending a funeral event? Check them out:

Arrive on Time

Funeral services are not Met Gala events where arriving fashionably late is a thing. You have to come at least 15 minutes to the start time of the service and catch up with some family members and friends before the show commences.

If you arrive late, locate a back seat and settle there to limit disruptions and arousing attention to yourself. Remember, this isn’t about you.

You Don’t Have to Wear Black

One common misconception people have about funeral services is that black is the dress code. The reality is you don’t have to wear black for a funeral event. It all boils down to making the right choices.

For funeral service, dressing business casual is appropriate. But you should avoid bright colors, shorts, sweats, and flip-flops.

However, if the deceased had requested a specific dress code to be worn on their burial before their death, then you should stick to it.

Sign the Guestbook

It is essential to sign the guestbook located at the front to signify your presence at the event. The guestbook is different from the condolence book. Here, you only have to write your name and your relationship with the departed.

In some cases where there’s provision to write a condolence note, you should pen down some brief and on point. DisciplePress offers many different guestbook options and styles to choose from.

What to Say

Frequently, guests are tongue-tied about what to say to the bereaved family. It’s totally natural to feel that way. But the family of the departed needs every encouragement and support from everyone present.

So, you should keep it simple. Talk about a fond memory you shared with the deceased and how they impacted your life or work. This singular action helps to shift the focus towards celebrating their memory, not grieving their demise.

What not to Say

While talking to the family, you may be tempted to say, “The pain will go away with time,” or the events surrounding their death. It may be perceived as insensitivity, and that’s not a good thing.

Instead, offer a smile and a hug. It will go a long way into brightening their gloomy day.

What Gifts to Bring to the Family

Thinking about what gifts to bring to the family? Food and sympathy cards are great options. You can also send flowers to the funeral home or directly to the family.

Stay Connected

After a funeral service, life doesn’t go back to normalcy. There’s still a gaping void to be filled. It is essential to provide support when necessary. Simply asking them out for lunch or a movie can make all the difference.

If you’ve got a funeral service to plan, you can count on DisciplePress to handle your design and print concerns. We are a leading organization tasked with designing and printing memorial cards, keepsakes, prayer cards, posters, slide shows, a celebration of life cards, and so much more.

Take a look at our funeral program templates, provide some details, and let us do our thing. Reach out to us today.



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