Selecting the Right Photos for Memorial Products

Selecting the right funeral photos

Selecting the Right Photos for Memorial Products

Saying your final goodbyes to a loved one is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do. But directing your energy and love towards a respectful and cherishing funeral service is an important part of the healing process, giving the people who knew the person who passed away the opportunity to remember them, reflect on what their life meant and get together in love and peace.

Many family members and friends of a deceased person opt for funeral programs and other keepsakes like memorial prayer cards or little objects that will be given to every participant at the funeral service or published in the local media.

Here is what might help you when choosing the photographs for these memorial products or for the funeral obituary you will send to the local newspaper.

How to Choose the Right Photographs

Memorial products are meant to be kept as memories about the person who passed away. With the help of today’s technology, almost anything can be personalized to represent a memorial keepsake, and you have the possibility to choose something the deceased person would’ve related to.

Choose the photographs that represent that person the most, pictures of them that capture their unmistakable smile, a kind look in their eyes, or their dignified and elegant stature. If you have pictures of them doing something they love, it’s an appropriate way to honor them by including it in memorial mass cards, the memorial program or even a website dedicated in their memory.

From a technical point of view, do your best to find photographs with resolution high enough to turn out well in print. In other words, pick pictures that are clear, crisp and have a high level of detail.

Why Us?

Once you have decided what photos, poems, prayers or personal quotes to include in the memorial products to share about your loved ones, it’s time to choose a printing company that can deliver exactly what you expect, in a timely manner and for a fair price.

We at DisciplePress are dedicated to helping family members and friends of those who passed away remember them in a dignified, respectful manner, and we honor all orders with the utmost serosity and professionalism.

If you need a company you can trust, let us aid you in these difficult times. We have a very fast turnaround, so you can get the products you order as soon as the next day.

Simply order online or contact us to select the products you would like; send us the pictures and we will handle the rest. We provide you with the peace of mind knowing your memorial mass cards, prayer cards, or obituary will be handled with the utmost respect and delivered in a timely manner.



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