Important Funeral Terms To Know

Funeral Etiquette

Here at DisciplePress, we know that planning a funeral can be an emotional endeavor; deciding which details will create the perfect send off for your loved one, while celebrating a life well lived, can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help.

Understanding these key funeral terms can make you feel more comfortable with the process, and help you identify what printing needs you may have.

Burial planning

Burial planning is the process of deciding where and how your loved one will be laid to rest; many people choose to do this in advance, easing the burden traditionally given to the family.

While it may feel morbid to ask family members about burial planning, having this information can be a big help. It’s also a good way to learn about any wishes your loved one has in the event of their passing. For example, if they have a favorite photo, bible passage, or poem, we can help incorporate those touches into personalized memorial cards or service documents.


A viewing is a small, private affair attended by immediate family members or very close friends. Generally occurring after the body has been prepared by a mortician, before the larger funeral service, the viewing is a wonderful opportunity to share heartfelt sympathy cards in a more private environment.

We here at DisciplePress can assist you in creating the perfect sympathy card, ensuring that those grieving know how much you care.


A wake is a ceremony during which visitors pay their respects to the deceased before the funeral. Generally an all-night affair, wakes celebrate the memory of the deceased. Family members and close friends can share stories while they sit vigil with the body.

The word ‘wake’ comes from the same word root as ‘watch’, reflecting the tradition of watching over the body prior to the funeral.


A memorial refers to something that helps keep the memory of the dearly departed alive, and can be as elaborate as a monument, or as small as a keepsake.

Funeral mass cards and lovingly crafted service programs are popular memorial keepsakes, and can be printed according to your exact specifications.

If you find yourself in need of funeral printing, go with someone you can trust.

At DisciplePress, we’re standing by. Let us help aid you in this difficult time, with affordable, high-quality printing in as little as a day.



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